Pick a gym. Choose a pass. Drop In.

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Get rewarded


It’s easy to book most things on demand:

movies, black cars, and hotels.

Why not gyms?

Drop In provides instant access to great gyms,

without the membership hassles.

We’ve got you covered


Access great gyms,

when you’re traveling


Mix it up with a new

workout class


Bring a friend— we'll discount

both of your passes


Step 1: Pick any gym

Check out our partner gyms near home or the office. They all have great classes if you’re up for it — barre, yoga, and zumba are fun!


Step 2: Choose a pass

Pick the flat-rate pass that makes sense for you. If you bring a friend, you’ll both earn a discount!


Step 3: Drop in + workout

Scan in with your mobile pass and go kick butt!

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